Friday, June 12, 2009

starry, starry night

who told kimberly baker how much i liked constellations?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ADA or Ardor: A Family Chronicle [excerpt]

Children of her type contrive the purest philosophies. Ada had worked out her own little system. Hardly a week had elapsed since Van's arrival when he was found worthy of being initiated in her web of wisdom. An individual's life consisted of certain classified things: "real things" which were unfrequent and priceless, simply "things" which formed the routine stuff of life; and "ghost things," also called "fogs," such as fever, toothache, dreadful disappointments, and death. Three of more things occurring at the same time formed a "tower" or, if they came in immediate succession, they made a "bridge." "Real towers" and "real bridges" were the joys of life, and when the towers came in a series, one experienced supreme rapture; it almost never happened, though. In some circumstances, in a certain light, a neutral "thing" might look or even actually become "real" or else, conversely, it might coagulate into a fetid "fog." When the joy and the joyless happened to be intermixed, simultaneously or along the ramp of duration, one was confronted with "ruined towers" and "broken bridges."

The pictorial and architectural details of her metaphysics made her nights easier than Van's, and that morning - as on most mornings - he had the sensation of returning from a much more remote and grim country than she and her sunlight had come from.

Her plump, stickily glistening lips smiled.

Friday, June 5, 2009

our house...

after much looking (looking at small houses, looking at crazy, giant houses, looking at almost justright houses), we've found the house. our house. and now, i'm in such a place as i can't sleep - moving this or that in my head, repainting that room, planning our first meal there.

you guys, it's perfect. it has a big, beautiful kitchen with a giant gas stove and this counterspace that makes my heart pitter-patter. the kitchen leads directly out onto a big porch for dining and a sunny backyard for a garden. also? a rec room! it's downstairs, with a bar. we're going to get a ping pong table! and, and, and... movies projected on the garage in the back and a craft room upstairs and laundry in the basement instead of that sketchy laundromat over by butter.

we're moving mid-july. then, getting a puppy. you're already invited. it's up on garfield near 29th and johnson in NE.