Friday, September 26, 2008

after the rain talk [spencer silby]

After rain talk
the street is dry

In the act you smile
as obvious as dominance
crushing backbone
tracing jawline vertigo

So help me dear
I don't know why

(the view is rough
on standards lost
to mass appeal)

I thought I did but
power failed and
specialists left town
with nothing special

On the way back
I told a story
and caught you
staring into space

Absent where you
shouldn't be
Tired when it only
gets symbolic and
produces more of the same

I can't verbalize
what you don't allow
I can't answer what you
suffered long ago

I was thinking
you look good
in a raincoat made of
fabric that's invisible

I was thinking
the weather is bad
with no meaning equal to
a cloud we can't
escape from

I was thinking
words are falling and
we're lucky to survive


James said...

this poem has always left me staggering...

filthy cute said...

yes, you were my introduction to him. it is one of those poems that i invoke involuntarily on a regular basis now.

Faye Silby said...

It was a lovely poem and was wondering if the author Spencer Silby was my cousin. I have a cousin of the same name born in NZ who is also a singer. Haven't seen him since my sisters wedding in Qld Australia.Would love to catch up and chat.Lots of Love, Faye Silby