Friday, October 17, 2008

grey days, gray eyes

damn, sam (i love a woman that rains) [ryan adams]
portions for foxes [rilo kiley]
glad you're here with me [papa m]
these days [nico]
pond love [mayday]
twin human highway flares [the mountain goats]
i felt your shape [the microphones]
california [low]
the songwriter [julie doiron]
she sends kisses [the wrens]
call it off [tegan and sara]
i can't stand the rain [ann peebles]
left & leaving [the weakerthans]
communication [the cardigans]
el mar [ely guerra]
heartbeats [jose gonzalez]
metal heart [cat power]
golden star [my brightest diamond]
lover's spit [broken social scene]

i've been listening to this, reading, and drinking earl grey on my couch with two kitlets on my lap.

if someone knows of a typewriter in working order that could somehow end up in my library, i think i'd love them forever.

sam cassidy played a wonderful set last night; rocket man made my night.


Brendan said...

There are so many things about this that I am jealous of.

I will tell you a story I've been thinking of a lot.

It was my junior year of college in Iowa, the very end of it, in that last excruciating handful of weeks. I remember taking a walk with my girlfriend around the picturesque Iowan streets, and as we passed by the healthily big houses, we'd imagine ourselves sitting on the porches as we were old, drinking teas in their sunrooms, cleaning up the messes in the attics. It was just one of those perfect days--like when there's sunlight falling through the trees and it makes everything look green. And I remember I saw a beloved professor walking towards us. He was an older man, I'd say. And he said hello to us then gave us this smile and told me "Hold onto moments like this."

I didn't pay it much mind at the time. I thought that there would be dozens of days like that. But soon the semester ended and me and the girl swept into a messy breakup, and it's only in memories do I realize how special that time had been.

Korea finds me lonesome today.

filthy cute said...


lovely story. but, then again, yours always are.

send me an email. tell me some stories. i'll write back soon.