Wednesday, November 12, 2008

last night

was absolutely lovely.

home from the bar and slightly tipsy, the view of snow falling on the interstate through the double windows in my living room left me breathless. i took a photo, but i doubt it will do justice to the quiet in those snowflakes.

this is what i have been craving: long nights of reading and writing and knitting and creating, not feeling bad about hibernating, walks in the crisp dark with only the sound of crunching footsteps to keep me company.


terese elhard said...

could i just eloquently say, ffffuck yeahhhh

filthy cute said...

i second that.

have we discussed ice skating?

it is happening; get them skates sharpened.

Michellecopter said...

i want to go ice skating!

typoscura said...

i'm sorry i missed out.

p.s. sledding this winter...after sunday dinners.