Wednesday, December 17, 2008

this is now the official plan

louisa says: so,
my plan is to win the lottery tonight.
lauren says: oh man.
louisa says: i have my winning ticket and everything.
lauren says: i'm excited about it.
louisa says: right?!
lauren says: if you win, i'm not coming in to work tomorrow.
louisa says: the first thing we'll do is make sure there are lots of space heaters for the party on saturday night
lauren says: yes.
louisa says: then, we'll go to greece,
you and me.
lauren says: woooooooo!
louisa says: we might get a villa out there...
lauren says: i like the sound of it.
our cats will come,
louisa says: i figure we can come back once a month until it's nice out.
yup, they can each have their own room.
lauren: ernest would like greece.
louisa says: then, when it's spring,
we'll get really nice bikes
and come back to minneapolis!
lauren: WOOOOOOOO!
louisa says: we'll buy a 4 plex!
lauren says: yes!
louisa says: and you can run your bookstore/cafe.
we'll be well dressed, but casual.
lauren says: i'm loving this plan.
louisa says: we'll have great hair and personal trainers.
and ricky can rub us all the time in a non-sexual healing kind of way.
lauren says: OH MAN. BEST PLAN EVER.
louisa says: i think i will just hire all of my friends to do what they are good at, just like you said
louisa says: ashley can be my booking agent, tucker can keep my energy up, munzy can give me footrubs.
i might buy kiefer from janessa, think she'd mind?
lauren says: no, i think she'd be cool with it. i'm in love with that cat.
louisa says: or, i'd just genetically alter all cats so that they hugged.
i mean, why not?! i'd be rich!
lauren says: i'm in total agreement.
louisa says: then, we put lorin in our pocket and he comes around with us to all the best restaurants as our personal sommalier. i'm thinking that maybe a hiking trip in glacier national park could be nice in april. and then while we're out that way we could swing through san fran and you could visit jesse.
lauren says: yes! bike through wine country!
louisa says:then it would be just a hop/skip/jump to the alps of switzerland! we could learn to yodel!
lauren says: oh man! do it! do it!
louisa says: we could weave on giant looms! while we yodel!
lauren says: i could see nabokov's last house!
louisa says: yodelling! how do you spell that!
lauren says: no idea! can't stop the exclamation points!
louisa says:it's exciting though!
i think we should probably also have a personal tailor
lauren says: that sounds like so much more fun than work tomorrow that i don't even know how to comprehend it!
oh yeah
louisa says:to make us fancy dresses!
you mean, oh yeah!
lauren says: a personal designer!
louisa says: emily's jewels!
lauren says: aaaaaahhhhhh!
louisa says: i'd hire someone to clean my litter box! well, my cat's litter box!
but, i would continue the vacuum duties! for i like to vacuum!
i would mow peoples' lawns! for free! just cuz it's fun! and they have day jobs and i don't!
lauren says: awesome!
louisa says: i may get a grill!
lauren says: yes! a big one! on the rooftop of the 4-plex!
louisa says: i meant on my teeth! grille?!
lauren says: i almost just peed my pants. no joke.
louisa says: it's okay! when i'm rich we'll have extra pants for you at all times!
also, fancy adult diapers!
lauren says: lifesaver!
louisa says: we'll have those too! i love hard candy!


Extreme Ash said...

can I just say. I heart the weez.

Mike said...

So I'm up hella late, and I love/loved this post. I talked tonight with close associates about our "township" that we'll have when we're unfuckinglyimaginably rich, and how we'll have a dirt bike track and how we'll have a charter and how Sam isn't a socialist and how much we rule. And you an Lou rule. It's all good.