Thursday, February 12, 2009

package deal

i must say that there is nothing quite like getting dolled up two nights in a row to tick two - TWO bars/restaurants of my list with the one, the only lovely louisa. she and i, there really is an art to our banter... like ping-pong, only more graceful.

prohibition must be your next date spot. i promise you'll charm said date's pants/skirt off - dark wood, low lights and jazzy music.

barrio is my next bring-the-parents hotspot - latino-kitsch decor (not the bad kind), good tequila and the best shrimp taco i've had since summer and sea salt.

1 comment:

Ryan said...

I still have to down a double espresso to keep up with you two when you get talking.

And I don't mind if I do steal your restaurant recommendations. Thank you very much.