Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bacon monster

life is picking up speed, gaining momentum with the rising temperatures.


+first BLTs of the year and realizing that gatsby will eat any bacon left out on the counter EVEN IF THERE ARE FOUR SLICES LEFT. he is a bacon monster.
-+ i've been promoted to manager at work
+ puny art show/michelle and danell's party
- i hate hate hate a certain company that is causing me financial woes
+ bikerides and casing neighborhoods for a new place/final place

i'm pretty sure that there is nothing better than spring in minneapolis - everything, but everything seems lovely. even the bad seems very fixable.

p.s. please reread my side of the mountain - it is better than you remembered.

p.p.s. the long goodbye is AMAZING and a quick read - hurry up and read it in time for bookclub.