Tuesday, May 5, 2009

absolutely delicious

to admit this probably is more indicative of my lack of technological prowess than i'd like, but joe has finally convinced me to use delicious and damn - if it wasn't made for a cook, i don't know what was (my theory being that is why it is called delicious). up until now, i had a string of emails going with titles like birthday dinner, recipes for the week/end and the next cake i bake. while they started out as great ideas, when these emails got to be 35 message long monologues with unruly links and no real way to find what i was looking for, i knew i needed something new, but didn't know what that would be. joe told me how great delicious was, but i couldn't quite picture how it would work.

he finally got to me by starting an account for the houses we are looking at and holding my hand while i baby-stepped into a new networking site.

i've spent the better part of the night transferring my vast email-log to a delicious account - notice that the top tag is dessert... that is how you know it is mine.

send me your favorite foodblog entries! encourage me to grow this new online cookbook that i may even convince my mother of its use!

also, while writing this entry, i have been sitting in my 400 degree kitchen waiting for the biscuits i'm making to finish rising and turning golden. if you go to the tag for biscuit you'll find the base recipe - then sub fresh ramps for chives, red pepper flakes for cayenne and make sure you use Hook's 10 yr cheddar and you'll have the same finished product that joe just pronounced very good.

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Extreme Ash said...

I like that bacon, chicken and I think salmon all had 6 entries.