Thursday, March 12, 2009


it came up the other night, while eating nachos - the kind with minced jalapeños and cilantro that had been soaked in lime juice, aged pepper cheddar, black beans, and freshly dice tomatoes and purple onion - that i may be a foodsnob. this is because my idea of nachos is the above, where some girls that i know, well, their idea of nachos is chips and cheese and a microwave.

this got me to thinking: where exactly did i get my ideas about food and when? there was a time when i microwaved nachos with the best of them when now the idea wouldn't even cross my mind...

while i'm still not sure, i would like to thank the following for my current foodsnobbiness:

*my mother for baking almost daily and letting me make the fork marks in the peanut butter cookies
*my nutrition teacher for being a babe
*spain for scoffing at store-bought mayo and pasta sauce
*nick for being far food-snobbier than i could ever be
* for providing me with amazing inspiration until its demise
*louisa for being waaaay more advanced in the chocolate arts
*sunday dinner for making me bake weekly

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belle epoque said...

don't forget to thank Martha Stewart and her gorgeous recipe pictures. I never thought I could like her magazine, but it is quite lovable.