Tuesday, March 3, 2009

john uskglass, the raven king

is finally making more of an appearance in the book! you know you want to come and share your thoughts on this one... the second half - waaaaaaay more interesting then the first, i promise. christian and eric and i had loads to say about the first half and if you ask nicely, maybe we'll enrich your mind with our ideas about mr norell and magic reminding us of medeival clergy and religion...

april first, 7:30 pm, we're meeting at my fourth floor abode to discuss the second half of this not-so-plot-driven novel (i know, i know, it's late - but someone is too cool and going to be at sxsw the week before).


celestial elf said...
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celestial elf said...

totally immersed in The Raven King at the moment,
looking forward to see what you may say....
thougt you might like my machinima of
The Raven King himself,
on Copyright useage :D