Friday, March 20, 2009

oh my,

i almost wish i had never heard of this designer ... i am now on a wild goose chase for anything i can find from his new collection online - even worse than that, when i find it? i'll be spending money. while i like the whimsy of all of his peices, the rings are what fascinate me the most - not just from this collection, but from BJORG jewellry in general

it got me looking around and here is a list of rings that you should admire:
- while frances wadsworth jones has many beautiful baubles, this ant ring in gold is my favorite.
- jacqueline cullen works with black fossilized wood, swoon.
- this laura berutti ring makes me think of the canary ring my mother used to trick me with...
- i love the entire gentle current series and it has a beautiful stone ring in it
- sometimes, the best rings are the kind with a secret.
- valeria salum's jewelry is interesting and quite versatile.
- for some reason, all i can see when i look at this ring, is alice in wonderland - i like that.