Saturday, July 4, 2009


+joe's friend paul came in on tuesday and i've quite enjoyed getting to know him.

+ dinner at heidi's induced the most delicious food coma i've had in ages - the anise lambshank is to drool for.

+ thursday's bookclub for Ada or Ardor : A Family Chronicle was the finest yet, amazing conversation, food and company. we'll be reading A Moveable Feast [Hemingway] next - new edition out on the 20th.

+ square lake and my mother provide entertaining conversation.

+ got cryphy and may have also gotten my old job back at solera?

today, we're headed to sea salt eatery for some tacos and later in the day, we've actually been invited to barbecue three blocks from our apartment - other people live around here? we close on the house in less than two weeks and i'm starting to think of little else; i cannot wait for this small house to enter my life.


Extreme Ash said...

It all sounds lovely darling. Miss you - happy fourth! Muah.

typoscura said...

and I can't wait for my life to enter your house!