Saturday, July 11, 2009

final saturday

it just now dawned in me that this is the last lazy saturday afternoon i will spend in front of the boxfan reading in my fourth floor apartment. the last i'll spend in any apartment. it is the last time i have to think about what my landlord will think of this or that paint color. the last time i'll utter the words security deposit or lug my laundry down six flights of stairs. the last time that i need to worry about the music i'm playing late on a tuesday night and whether the neighbor can hear it through my walls. the last time the super will come and replace a light bulb for me.

while i'm fully ready for this next move, i'll miss it. just a little.

(okay, now that i've written that, i'm giggling about it. miss my tiny, cramped kitchen? probably not.)

less than a week. come help us unpack and have a cocktail in the backyard soon.