Tuesday, July 28, 2009

in which the server is down, printer jammed, and i cannot work.

hey there, how are you? i've been scarce, i know. sorry. i'll try and be better about it.

bookclub is meeting next month - the new, revised copy of A Moveable Feast is our fare. should be an interesting conversation. meeting at the new house (!) at a date still tbd, but i'm thinking third week in august tentatively... any requests?

speaking of, the new house is wonderful. leaving everyday to come to work for eight hours is seeming like a strange punishment right now. i have boxes to unpack! books to alphabetize! how dare you make me leave!? please, please come and visit. i have been bad with the invitations and my phone keeps dying because i can't find my charger (packed in some obscure box). give me a call or text me, and know that you're very welcome as long as one of us is home.

my sister's wedding is this weekend - get ready for copious amounts of photos.

in three weekends (mid-august) we're going down to st. louis for a table and piano... want to house-sit/watch kittens?

what is new with you? let's sit in my back porch and discuss over cold drinks.

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filthy cute said...

a certain SJ has requested the 20th... this works for me.